In addition to our delicious cocktails and friendly, experienced staff, we provide every event we attend with:

A Professional Bar Set Up


Bar Supplies Which Includes 10 oz Disposable 'Glass-Like' Cups, Napkins, Trash Can, etc. 

Bar Tools That Includes: Twisted Spoons, Shakers, Muddlers, Slip Mats, Speed Pourers, Serving Trays, etc.


Portable Bar / Back Bar


Garnishes (Lemons and Limes) Along With Fresh Lemon / Fresh Lime Juice* for your Signature Cocktails, if needed.

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Quick 'FAQ'

Q: Are you able to serve other beverages (sodas, juices, beer and wine) in addition to my signature cocktail menu?

Twisted Spoons Bartending: Yes, absolutely! If you want to have more of a selection of alcohol and mixers for simple cocktails (whiskey/coke, vodka/cranberry, etc.) and non-Alcoholic beverages, feel free to purchase what you think your guests' would like! Every party is unique and not everyone drinks alcohol. If we have the supplies, we can most defintley serve it!

Note: Pricing will be determined by the number of guests, duration of the event, type of event and any special requests you may need.


Cancellations require a fourteen (14) day written notice. Re-schedule within sixty (60) calendar days post to the original event date and deposit will remain valid. 

‘host’ is responsible for providing alcohol, mixers, ice, water bottles, and coolers or freezer storage. We provide you with a purchase and consumption shopping list with enough estimates for your purchasing ease. 

*Max four (4) bottles Each of lime Juice and/or lemon juice.